Chamber Spotlight: The Return of the Goose

Kate Wisel, this story is yours.

Kate Wisel is an award-winning novelist and daughter of Danny and Lisa Wisel, owners of the former award-winning Vine Ripe Grill restaurant and catering service that elevated events, relationships, and Brookline. Kate, this Frank Capra kind of story is best told by you!

The story begins with endings. This year, in addition to the sad closing of the beloved Vine Ripe Grill, the Wild Goose Chase closed, too. The Wild Goose Chase was a specialty store where you could find everything on your gift list. Special owners, Beth and Kevin Venti, treated customers like family. They knew that my mother’s favorite color is blue. Beth reminded me that my daughters-in-law don’t wear jewelry as I considered purchasing jewelry for their birthdays. Kevin and Beth were hands down the most fun and welcoming hosts for Sip and Shops and First Light Holiday Celebrations. Where else could you be greeted at the door by Ms. Potato Head, to live piano tunes from the picture window? How many gift shops double as a “Cheers Bar” without the bar?

Brookline was missing two critical community puzzle pieces. Enter – David Leschinsky, owner of Eureka Puzzles and more creative endeavors but that’s a different story. David needs extra space for merchandise and an in-store custom puzzle press. (How exciting is that?!) David is planning to move into the former Wild Goose Chase space. And- drumroll…None other than Beth Venti and Lisa Wisel will be partnering to re-open the Wild Goose Chase at the former Eureka location!

You can’t make this story up. (Well, maybe Frank Capra could.) Kate, there’s a screenplay here. And, after you’ve written the script, the actors have been cast, and scenes have been shot, the red carpet can be rolled out at the newly renovated theater across the street!

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Debbie Miller

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