Jamming Brookline: Scott Pittman at Brookline Music School

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Brookline Music School

Brookline Music School welcomes all to learn and appreciate music. From newborn to adult, and beginner to advanced, we invite you to become a BMS student! When you enroll at BMS, you join a friendly environment of everyday learning and creativity. Percussion teacher Scott Pittman is typical of BMS faculty -- smart, innovative, fun, and engaged in music at work and home. You may have seen Scott performing around town with BMS or one of several Boston-based bands. Enjoy his playlist, an eclectic mix of music we love!
The DJ
Scott Pittman: Brookline Music School percussion faculty member, multi-instrumentalist, performer, life-long music enthusiast.

The Vibe

I’ve never been someone who’s classified music by any one style. I think it all goes together. Every mix I’ve ever made is music from all over the place. As a music teacher, the first thing I do when I get a new student is ask to see their music playlists. I remember a time in grade school when friends would like only ‘pop’ or ‘punk’ or ‘metal’ etc., but since all kids in the last decade or so have grown up in the internet days, everything ever recorded is available easily. So everyone’s taste reflects that. And being a teacher who teaches many instruments, it’s necessary to know it all. I teach drums, percussion, guitar, bass, keyboards, ukulele, banjo, and skills for music recording. Not only do I have to have repertoire for all these instruments, but each instrument has certain songs that truly feature that instrument best. I feel strongly that any music teacher needs to know their way around a LOT of music. How else can you relate? More importantly, everyone loves songs that have stood the test of time and are eternally timeless. My tastes have always been towards individual songs over whole albums and I think that makes it easier to find common ground with each student. You can always find some songs that really move each person to their heart and soul. These are the songs that will drive them to keep practicing! I let students bring in THEIR songs and create their own path in learning their instrument, but whenever they ask for some inspiration, it’s wonderful to pull out songs from all over the place. Local music, rock, pop, dance, soul, jazz, classical, international, country, musicals, prog-rock, R&B, funk, disco… No one ever has a problem loving and learning a song when it’s a great timeless classic. I love to try to know as much of it as possible and I especially love to share it all! Make music with Scott at Brookline Music School.

Klara Kaufman
Author: Klara Kaufman

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