Tracy Clark

One Day in Brookline by Tracy Clark

Hi, my name is Tracy Clark. I’m part of The Chobee Hoy Group who is a sponsor for Discover Brookline. We love all that Brookline has to offer and are so happy to call it home.

My favorite day in Brookline goes something like this:

Rise and shine to the sounds of multiple species of birds outside my window, even though I’m just a stone’s throw from Boston. I’m close enough to Clear Flour Bakery to smell their scones and other fabulous breads and pastries baking! Note to self: pick up Gruyere Cheese Croissants and a Fougasse on the way home!

I walk the three blocks to Coolidge Corner to grab coffee at a Novel Kitchen; I will peruse the Brookline Booksmith for the latest best seller. I’ve skipped breakfast and my stomach is growling so I grab a cupcake from Party Favors and attempt to plan my next cake decoration request.

I cut through the parking lot by my all time favorite Coolidge Corner Theatre on my way to meet my best friend at Fire Opal. We attempt to purchase client gifts but always end up with fine crafts for ourselves as well. Needing lunch and loving the friendly vibes at Grainne O’Malley’s, we split an order of mussels at their bar along with iced teas.

Then it’s off to grab some handmade chocolates at Serenade Chocolatier in Brookline Village. Yum! While there we cross the street to grab a hunk of cheese and some marinated melon balls from Curds and Co. Remembering I’m almost out of my favorite Lambrusco Red Wine Vinegar, we swing by Olive Connection and get lost in their assortment of fine olive oils and more.

Knowing my nephews always deserve a treat I run into Eureka Puzzles for something that will engage their teenage brains and make them happy.

And honestly, who can finish the day without a scoop from JP Licks! Isn’t Brookline fun?