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U.S. Open Championship: A Win for the Town!

The USGA, The Country Club, and many in the Town of Brookline collaborated to make the U.S. Open Championship a winning event.

The U.S. Open Championship was an unusual opportunity that could not have happened at a better time. Businesses have struggled throughout the pandemic. Covid restrictions, staff shortages, supply chain issues, and price increases have contributed to unimagined challenges.

Hotels were full, and some restaurants got a “bump.” Some food establishments benefited from participating in the Chamber’s Showcase for the U.S. Open's catering service, Ridgewell's, on February 7th. Ridgewell's contracted with some local food establishments, such as Dumpling Daughter, Allandale Farm, and Serenade Chocolatier to augment their menus.

The Chamber’s new website got exposure as a link on the USGA and The Country Club websites. The USGA also posted signs in the U.S. Open Championship parking lots.

To celebrate the U.S. Open, and further encourage people to shop locally, the Chamber hosted the Brookline Business Open. Throughout the month of May the public was invited to go to participating local businesses and get a scorecard stamped with a golf ball stamp. When they collected 5 stamps from 5 different participating businesses, they uploaded their cards and entered on a form to win prizes, including 2 sets of U. S. Open Tickets, a hotel stay, several retail and restaurant gift cards, gift bags, and more.

The Chamber also hosted an Arnold Palmer Cocktail Contest to encourage people to go to participating restaurants and vote for their favorite Arnold Palmer Cocktail. Parlour won the popular vote. Prairie Fire won the Judges’ vote.

Thanks to A Community Partnership Committee that was formed to plan for the U. S. Open Championship, several initiatives were negotiated to benefit Brookline. Much appreciation goes to David Gladstone, the Chamber's Board President, who served on the Committee.

Nonprofit organizations benefited, as well. The USGA donated 1,000 tickets to nonprofit organizations to raise funding. Of that number, 300 tickets were set aside for galas, raffles, and events, and 700 tickets to generate $300,000 in proceeds for the Brookline Community Foundation that will provide grants to local nonprofit organizations. In addition, US Open Banners will be auctioned off, and proceeds will go to the Brookline
Community Foundation to distribute to local nonprofits.

Sometimes, with exceptional planning, visitors arrive and make their destination a better place. Kudos to the USGA, The Country Club, and all who participated in our Town to make the U.S. Open Championship a success!

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