Chamber Member of the Week: Olive Connection

The Olive Connection is, most importantly of all, a family business. Indeed, what sets this company apart is its warm, welcoming, and home-like atmosphere. Inside the store, both customers and workers are consistently smiling, greeting each other with delight. As a matter of fact, people consistently come into the store and say, “this is my happy place!” Last year, for instance, one woman entered the Olive Connection and started crying because this was the first business she had entered in a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But how did the Olive Connection start?

The Sapoznik family has always been very passionate about cooking. Thus, after Morry and CarolSapoznik retired and their son, CJ, was back in the Boston/Brookline area –– after attending culinary school in Cambridge –– they all decided to ultimately open the Olive Connection in August 2015. Consequently, the Sapoznik family spent a year learning about the olive oil industry. They attended a variety of markets and food shows, as well as met with an array of contributors and artisans for whom their product is a source of pride.

Today, the Olive Connection works with artisans to curate olive oils, vinegars, dips, and other specialty foods that are often unavailable at local supermarkets. Indeed, the Sapoznik family has met with the vast majority of these artisans, even visited their homes; they only sell food and olive oils that they have personally tried and most definitely approved of.  Additionally, the store contains only the freshest and latest harvest olive oils –– “many times we have the first day of harvest and Olio Nuovo for a taste treat,” they confirm on their website. Furthermore, the products at the Olive Connection are always changing, keeping both new and regular customers engaged and entertained with the store’s range and variety of goods. Moreover, the Olive Connections offers individualized, one-of-a-kind gifts for every host and hostess, personally selected gift baskets for every price point and taste, as well as tailor-made gifts for friends and family.

Overall, the Olive Connection’s mission is “to introduce the best quality olive oils and vinegars to [their] customers in a fun environment, with a variety of tastes at a fair value… [a goal that] can be achieved through education about the different types of oil and vinegars for healthy eating,” according to their website.

To support Olive Connection right now, consider dropping by –– at 1426 Beacon St, Brookline, MA 02446 –– or visiting their website –– and buying any of their items, from extra virgin olive oil to artisan pasta stars, zucchette, and penne!

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