Chamber Spotlight: Auto advice, love the car you’re with!

If you’ve shopped for a car recently, you might have discovered that the new and used car inventory is low and sticker prices are high. The wheels in your home parking lot might look more attractive. If this is the case, caring for that car is essential. However, keeping an old car in good shape could be a challenge.

Fortunately, in Brookline, we have car experts who know what to look for under the hood and around the tires. Our version of the Magliozzi brothers (Click and Clack of NPR’s “Car Talk”) is a combination of auto and tire authorities: Elias Audy, Mathew Paisner, Lynn Campbell and Catherine Kalfon.

If you haven’t met them, you’re missing out. These experts keep cars healthy and make you feel fantastic about living, working or visiting in Brookline. They’re remarkable people as well as car “doctors.” Don’t take my word for it. Find out for yourself.

Advice from Brookline’s car and tire experts: 

Elias Audy, Audy's Village Mobil/Cypress

Used cars have much higher value than ever before. As a result of the higher value, car owners invest in maintaining their cars to keep them a little longer. Those who have leased cars should check the residual value at the end of the lease because this is the right time to buy your leased car.

Mathew Paisner, Scrubadub Auto Wash Center

It’s important to protect the surfaces of your car from harmful elements of New England weather with routine maintenance like regular washing and waxing. The pandemic has created obstacles with purchasing new cars but regular maintenance like car washing can increase the life of existing cars and improve the value at trade-in time.

Lynn Campbell, VIP Auto

To keep your car in top performance longer, just follow a few basic preventative maintenance steps. Get regular oil changes, rotate your tires regularly and have your alignment checked. A small investment now prevents a potentially huge one later.

Catherine Kalfon, TireTutor

Safety should be a top priority when extending the life of your vehicle. Keeping up with regular maintenance and driving on a safe set of tires will not only get you more mileage, but also save you money – up to $400 in gas with proper tire care. Consumers can now buy and schedule maintenance from local dealers online for maximum convenience.

If you have specific questions about your vehicle, Elias, Mat, Lynn and Catherine are here to help. The benefits doing business in Brookline include:

  1. You invest in the community.
  2. You get exceptional service.
  3. It’s convenient.
  4. You have an opportunity to get to know Brookline businesspeople, and they have the pleasure of meeting you.

Keep your car in excellent shape locally. Be prepared to travel short and long distances with peace of mind. Enjoy life’s highway in a reliable car!

Read Deborah Good Miller's article first published on the Brookline TAB

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