Jamming Brookline: Tatyana Souza at Coolidge Yoga

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Coolidge Yoga

Coolidge Yoga is a family-run and owned yoga studio. We aim to provide a nurturing space where our students can nourish and recharge themselves through the practice of yoga. We offer a wide range of classes whether you are looking to heat it up, slow it down, begin or reconnect to your practice. We hope to instill the importance of self care for leading happy, healthy and productive lives: feel good, do good!

The DJ

Tatyana Souza: A PhD and an E-RYT, Coolidge Yoga Owner and Instructor, received her 200-hour certification in 2011 from Back Bay Yoga in Boston and her 500-hour certification in 2019 from the Wanderlust Studio in Hollywood. Inspired by the yoga training and by her two boys, Tatyana left her career in the pharmaceutical industry as an Immunologist to co-found Coolidge Yoga in Brookline and in the Boston South End.
A dreamer and believer in the "good", Tatyana wanted to lead by example for her little boys. She believes that yoga is the catalyst for personal and global change and hopes to make an impact in her community and the world by creating a warm, sacred space where yoga students can move, connect, and cultivate much needed stillness and breath in their daily life.

The Vibe

I am highlighting my playlist that I created to reflect the current season and the month of August. It is the last month of summer vacation with long & lazy days and hopefully time spent on the beach or poolside to beat the heat. The playlist reflects this mood and brings the summer pool-side vibe into the studio. With some sunny and mellow beats you can feel light and happy as you practice yoga or relax on vacation. Anytime you need some summer sunshine in your day  - this playlist will be your go to. This playlist follows the typical pattern of a yoga class, starting and ending slowly and building up intensity in the middle. Creating playlists for my classes is one of my joys and is just as fun as constructing safe and effective yoga sequences to transform your body, mind, and soul.

Klara Kaufman
Author: Klara Kaufman

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