Chamber Spotlight: Viking Sports, Specialists in Fun!

Did you know that Brookline is the headquarters of Viking Sports, Specialists of Fun?
One of the largest and most innovative sports recreation companies in Massachusetts began in 1993. Currently they provide sports activities to kids and adults in over 30 communities.

LeRoy Watkins III, CEO & Co-Owner, and Zachary J. Lerman, CFO & Co-Owner, firmly believe that “fun should be the main component of a sports community, and that this sports community should be available to all.”

Their business model reflects their beliefs. For example, they work with underserved communities to give access to high quality sports programming. And, tutoring services are available to students, as well as private lessons and groups for children and adults with disabilities.

Whether you’re searching for youth sports clinics, camps, or leagues, a variety of options are offered on their website. Looking to host a fabulous Birthday Party, a Ninja Warrior themed PTO fundraiser, or memorable Workplace Team building Day? Viking Sports to the rescue! Who couldn’t appreciate togetherness and fun? We’ve been fun and togetherness deprived.

While many have had to rely on computer screens more than ever, the need for outdoor physical activity has increased. Viking Sports taught us that Ninja Warriors aren’t just on TV. Anyone can be a Ninja Warrior by creating a DIY obstacle course!

Life can be an obstacle course. Viking Sports helps kids and adults navigate their way. Viking Sports enables kids and adults to get fit, develop skills, collaborate as a team, and welcome all teammates. Viking Sports: Specialists of Fun and Life!

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Debbie Miller
Author: Debbie Miller

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